Company Outline

we`ve supplied high-quality aluminum die cast parts and a complete line of value-added services to OEMs worldwide for 9 years. As an TS 16949:2009 certified company, we work with industry-leading customers to provide high-quality castings and value-added services.

Date Established: Apr. 17th, 2008

Grand Manufacturing Space: 8,000 square meters

Quality System Certifications: TS16949:2009

Employee: 115

Alloys Cast: A360,A380,A383,ADC12, AlSi12(Cu), AlSi9Cu3(Fe),AL102, PYRAL, Zamak 3#, Zamak 5#

Die Casting Capabilities: 5 automated die casting production lines and 2 manual die casting production line

Die casting Machines: total 7sets ranging from 180T to 800T

Machining capabilities: Vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers and lathes, automatic hydraulic drilling and tappping machines, etc.

Finishing Processes: various in-house and certified outsources including sandblast, vibratory, heat treating,impregnation,polishing,buffing,painting,anodizing,e-coating, plating and powder coating.

Engineering Capabilities: full engineering on die casting tooling and trimming tooling and fixtures

QC Lab Capabilities: in-house: Coordinate Measuring Equipment, X-Ray detecting; contracted outside sources:, Hardness Testing, Spectrometer for metallurgical analysis of alloys and Tensile Testing

Industries served: Automotive, Motorcycle, Electrical, Appliance, Motor, Lighting, Textile equipment, Engine manufacturing, Blower, Tools Etc.

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