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we are OEM manufacturer which specialized in aluminum die casting parts in china,can do the whole process from mold design–make mold–die casting –machining–inspection in our own factory.

Product coverage of construction machinery, communications equipment, automotive power systems, electric forklifts, electric vehicles, industrial automation and other related fields, customers mainly from Europe and the United States and domestic Chery Automobile, Shenlong Automobile, Ford and other key automotive brands. The main production of electric forklift motor shell, sensor shell; communications equipment shell, chassis; car oil pump, water pump, vortex wind pump; all kinds of led lamp cup lamp shell and other zinc alloy die-casting and precision machining.

Today, we have sent a batch of aluminum alloy electric motor shell parts abroad, which will sent to  our customer of ten years. They will be delivered almost every week. Based on the moderate price and high quality and service, our long-term cooperation can be maintained.

If you have any aluminum die casting part need to quotate,welcome send us your drawing,we will provide our best support on prices,quality and delivery.

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Post time: Nov-07-2018
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