Characteristics of rapid aluminum alloy molding

aluminum alloy rapid molding


1. The integration of design process and manufacturing process is facilitated, and the digitization of the entire production process is directly related to the CAD model. The parts can be seen and obtained, and can be modified and manufactured at any time.
2. It can process parts that are difficult to be manufactured by traditional methods, such as gradient parts and multi-material parts, which are conducive to the design of new materials.
3. The cycle and cost of manufacturing the blank mold of complex parts are greatly reduced. When directly forming mechanical parts with engineering materials, it is no longer necessary to design and manufacture the blank mold;
4. The near-net shaping of the blank is realized, and the machining allowance is greatly reduced, which avoids the waste of materials and reduces the consumption of energy, and is conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development.
5. As the time and cost of process preparation are greatly reduced, the cycle and cost of single trial-manufacture and small batch production are greatly reduced, especially suitable for the development of new products and the production of single small batch parts.
6. Combined with the traditional method, it can realize the functions of rapid casting, rapid mold manufacturing and small batch part production, and inject new vitality into the traditional manufacturing method.

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Post time: Sep-15-2018
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